Rhubarb & Strawberry Cocktail Cooler

Rhubarb and Strawberry Cooler

'Rhubarb & Strawberry Cooler'

The Thunder Rhubarb & Strawberry Cooler was made to be shared by friends on a hot summers day. Cold, sweet and juicy, this cocktail is sure to cool anyone down.


Thunder Rhubarb & Ginger Vodka: 50 ml 

Lime Juice 12.5 ml

Strawberry Jam 1 spoon

Muddled Strawberries 3-4

Soda Water Top up

Garnish Sliced Strawberry & Lime Wedge 

How to mix

Muddle the strawberries and strawberry jam and then add the vodka and lime juice mix. Pour over crushed ice and top up with soda.