Toffee Apple Popaball Cocktail

'Toffee Apple Sunset Poptail'

Recently we have teamed up with Popaball to bring you a fantastic vodka cocktail! We’ve created a wonderful Poptail the result led to our Toffee Apple Sunset Poptail! Not only do they compliment each other with their nostalgic toffee apple flavours but we found that the tangy green apple juice bubbles cut through the deliciously creamy toffee taste to make a really well-balanced Poptail.

What are popaballs??

As crazy as it sounds, they are made from seaweed! The skin is made from Sodium Alginate (dried seaweed) and the inside is filled with water, sugar and flavouring.

First, a solution of Sodium Alginate, water, sugar and flavour are mixed together. Then the solution is dropped from a height into a solution of Calcium Lactate and as the droplets hit the calcium solution, the seaweed forms a jelly like shell but the inside stays juicy and super tasty!

It’s quite simple really but is absolutely awesome!


Thunder Toffee + Vodka: 40 ml

Raspberries (some steeped in Thunder Toffee Vodka and some for garnish)

Meringue nests  (homemade or shop bought)

Double Cream

Crushed Walnuts

How to mix

  1. In a glass, add 50ml Thunder Toffee Vodka, a squeeze of lemon juice (about 12ml) and top up with fresh apple juice
  2. Stir in a heaped tablespoon of PopaBall Green Apple Bubbles for bursts of zingy flavour
  3. Garnish with a delicately sliced apple fan, a dash of Grenadine for colour and enjoy using a chunky straw!