Toffee Orange Fruit Cocktail


This is one of our most refreshingly fruity vodka cocktails and plays on the balance of sweetness and fruit. The syrupy texture of the Thunder Toffee + Vodka works perfectly with the tart fruitiness of the mango purée and orange juice.

The Paradise is ideal as a long drink in the evening before dinner, refreshing and thirst quenching, but also if you fancy a sunny afternoon cocktail – ideal whenever!


Thunder Toffee + Vodka: 40 ml

Mango Puree  15 ml

Passion fruit puree  10 ml

Gomme/Sugar Syrup 10 ml

Orange Juice  25 ml

Garnish Lemon spiral or slice.

How to mix

Shake all of the listed ingredients with cubed ice and strain into a sling glass. You could garnish this with any citrus fruit here we have used a slice of lemon.

TOFFEE + VODKA TIP: You may see Gomme listed in many of our cocktail recipes, it is a staple behind any cocktail bar and is used to give cocktails a smooth texture.  It can be easily purchased on-line and in large supermarkets in the UK and is usually a very reasonable price.