Toffee & Raspberry Bellini

'Thunder Berry & Prosecco Cocktail'

These wonderful vodka & Prosecco cocktails are very easy to make for a light refreshing tipple. Everyone loves Prosecco, which makes it an ideal combination with vodka, either in the summer months, as a pre dinner cocktail or whenever you fancy one really!


Fresh Raspberries

Thunder Toffee Vodka


Raspberry Syrup (You can get this from any supermarket)

How to mix

Using martini glasses or champagne flutes, place two or three raspberries in the bottom of each glass.

Pour equal amounts of Thunder Toffee Vodka and Raspberry Syrup over the raspberries and top up with Prosecco. Easy as that! Vodka & Prosecco cocktails are very current, so give these a try – the toffee adds a little twist!

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