Toffee Caipirinha

'Thunder Caipirinha'

Enjoy the fresh taste of Brazil with a Toffee + Vodka twist. Very simple to make and is a beautiful and subtle mixture of a just a few ingredients. The classic Caipirinha cocktail uses Cachaça which is a Brazilian type of brandy and is the distilled spirit produced from sugar cane. For our toffee + vodka version, our Mixologist has used Thunder Toffee + Vodka and it works perfectly.


Thunder Toffee + Vodka: 50 ml

Sugar Syrup 12.5 ml

Garnish 5 wedges of fresh lime.

How to mix

Put all of the lime wedges into a cocktail shaker, muddle and shake all of the ingredients. Then pour into a tumbler over cubed ice. TOFFEE + VODKA TIP Make sure you prepare the lime by washing them with clean water.