0.75 Oz White Paper Soufflé Portion Cups

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These White Paper Soufflé Portion Cups - 0.75 oz are used primarily for taste testing frozen yogurt, drinks and snacks, but are also used for other general purposes in restaurants and kitchens. The 0.75 Oz is the most popular size portion cup used in the industry. Paper is treated to prevent liquids from penetrating the cup.


Stack these paper souffle cups inside each other and keep them out of the way. Don't waste space with bulky, breakable ramekins. Make clean-up quick and easy with disposable paper souffle cups.

  • COST EFFECTIVE Don't worry about breaking the bank when you buy these souffle cups in bulk. 
  • PORTION CONTROL Easily measure and serve your favorite condiments, reducing food waste. Provide the perfect kid-sized portion for a child's snack.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE These souffle cups are perfect for more than just food. Use these disposable cups to portion out medicine at healthcare facilities.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY This souffle cup won't just be another piece of paper in a landfill. These cups are fully compostable and biodegradable. Help reduce food waste and paper waste at the