Toffee Orange Fruit Cocktail


The Paradise is ideal as a long drink in the evening before dinner, refreshing and thirst quenching, but also if you fancy a sunny afternoon cocktail – ideal whenever!

Toffee Flavoured Espresso Martini

'The Thunder Espresso Martini'

The Thunder Espresso Martini includes Thunder Toffee + Vodka and fresh espresso; the perfect caffeine boost, with creamy toffee flavours and the perfect ice-cold vodka hit to follow.

Toffee Flavoured Screwdriver

'Toffee Screwdriver'

Thunder Toffee + Vodka with fresh orange juice. Classic & Simple to make.
One of our classic vodka cocktail recipes, taking on the traditional “vodka and orange”.

Boozy Iced Caramel Latte

'Toffee + Vodka Iced Coffee'

We love iced coffees here at Thunder Toffee + Vodka. We all love making our own at home and finding new companies making them at the events we attend for work. This amazing Toffee + Vodka Iced Coffee creation has been made for us by the fantastic mixologist Christian Ozzati and we are sure you will love it too.

Fruity Toffee Cocktail


Thunder Toffee + Vodka spirit drink is great served ice-cold straight from the freezer when drinking it as a shot, but if you would like something a little different why not try the toffee bomb?

Toffee, Vodka & Rum Piña Colada

'The Thunder Colada'

Here is a very tasty Thunder Toffee + Vodka twist to a fruity classic; The piña colada  is a sweet, Rum based coconut and pineapple cocktail.

Toffee & Walnut Vodka Cocktail

'The Walnut Whip'

The Walnut Whip is one of our most favoured Thunder Toffee + Vodka cocktails! It is one of our more unusual vodka cocktail recipes, as nuts are normally very underrated in cocktails. However, they are used here to bring the tastes of nature into this delectable drink. Subtle but potent!

Creamy Toffee & Custard Cocktail

'Cloud Nine'

This cocktail was created for us by Mixologist Brett Conell who originally named it Toffee Cream, after trying it we changed the name to Cloud nine because it tastes so beautiful. It is our only cocktail so far that includes ice-cream and it is a great alternative to a dessert.